Casual Cotton shirt comfort

Much has been said about casual summer shirts and what fabric to wear in summer. Bamboo is touted as the new wonder fabric, but my wash tests demonstrate that after three washes, they shrink by up to 7cm in length. Bamboo doesn’t last very long and tends to pill around the collar area. Not very good really! even when blended with cotton!

Recent advances it cotton technology have produced a fine cotton that wears well and needs minimal ironing, if any. Indian cotton has always been the best quality and the Indian tailors excellent in shirt making for menswear. My cotton men’s shirts are light and cool to wear in summer and are made from 100% Indian cotton chambre which is only 60gm per meter yet hangs well and is beautiful to wear. Any of my claims about bamboo can be researched online if you have the time. But the main point of interest is this: the federal textile association of America has banned manufacturers of Bamboo fabrics from advertising them as sustainable because of the carcinogenic chemicals used in the processing of raw bamboo into fabric. that says a lot about the false advertising we are being bombarded with here in Australia.

You want a quality men’s cotton shirt for summer at reasonable prices? Look no further! I design all my own prints and make all of my shirts out of 60gm Indian cotton chambre for your wearing pleasure and mine.

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